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Vehicle Preparations for the Winter
October 10, 2016

Vehicle Preparations for the Winter

Are you ready to tackle your vehicle preparations for the winter? If you need some help before the snow comes look no further. Follow these easy steps to make sure your vehicle is as ready as you are to conquer the winter.

Vehicle Preparations for the Winter

  • Choose your location. Outdoor storage options can leave your vehicle unprotected from the environment. Indoor storage is the optimal setting for your vehicle in the winter.
  • No one wants to be greeted with a mess months later so clean your car extensively. Apply a wax to the exterior to keep dust build up away.
  • Keep the car smelling impeccable by placing a box of deodorizer such as baking soda in the cabin of the car.
  • Sediment can settle and as a result clog lines, over a long period of storing. To prevent clogged lines switch old fluids out for fresh. Adding a fuel stabilizer to the gas will diffuse any water from increasing.
  • Forgetting to close any openings will consequently result in making your car a home for small animals this winter. Use a rag or steel wool to plug exhaust pipes and other accessible areas.
  • A car cover is a necessity to shield the vehicle. After cleaning the car preserve your hard work by investing in a quality cover. Plastic tarps are beneficial under the car to stop moisture from the ground but not helpful as a cover.
  • The battery can be taken out and stored in a warm dry area.  As a result, this will keep the battery fully charged and ready for the next drive.
  • Using the parking brake is not in the best interest of the car. Due to the constant contact the brake pads and rear brakes will probably fuse together resulting in a headache in the spring

Call or stop in to get more great ideas on vehicle preparations for the winter. Our qualified professionals can show you the facilities to keep your vehicle safe and peace of mind.