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business storage
June 15, 2017

How to Make the Most of Your Business Storage

Not sure if storage is the right answer for your business? Small Spaces Storage in Blandon Pa has the space optimization business storage for you. The main goal executives want is to make the most of their office space layout without sacrificing productivity.

business storage

Fortunately, our spotless, prime location, temperature controlled storage units can solve your office space issues.
  • Paperwork and other important information about the business.
  • Documents needed for a set amount of time but not for every day use.
  • Tax information from the past.
  • Special event posters, trifolds and other materials needed for trade shows and meetings. 
  • Extra work space equipment such as, desks, chairs, filing cabinets, etc. 
  • Technical items needed in case of emergency, laptops, telephones, radios, etc.
  • Potential useful information or customer records. 
  • Office decorations for holidays and special occasions. 
  • Cosmetic materials for the office like curtains and area rugs. 
  • Old documents that may be useful later. 
  • It’s always better buy in bulk. Keep the “extra” supplies out of the way of office productivity.
  • Promotional items 

Keep the office area productive and clutter free, with a storage unit at Small Spaces Storage. Find the exact business storage you need, by talking with a storage experts and taking a tour of our facility.