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recycle Blandon PA
September 7, 2017

Where to recycle in Blandon, PA

As the school year comes around again, it is time to organize your seasonal gear. From decorations to large furniture Small Spaces Storage is your go to self storage option in Blandon, PA. We have you covered when the house needs organizing, the office is getting renovated and it is time to recycle. Check out our guide for cooler weather preparations.

recycle Blandon PA

Going green while switching seasons is one way to stay efficient and environmentally conscious. Look through clothing boxes, decorations and tools for broken belongings. Maybe the kids grew out of last years winter wear, donate the items they can no longer use. Then drop them off at an organization that will benefit when the winter season starts.

After you filled your book shelves at home deliver them to a school or library in order to make room at home for new reads. Many public libraries accept gently used books, audio tapes, and movies.

Drop off used batteries and electronics with your waste management provider. Call first to find the closest location that accepts these items.

Clothing and household tools are accepted all year round at the Salvation Army. From kitchen utensils to decorations and clothes the Salvation Army can help families in need after a disaster or going through tough times.

Your curbside service approves all household recyclables like paper, glass and plastic. Contact them to see other specific items they accept. They may handle yard trimmings, e-waste and more.

Staying coordinated from season to season is simple with Small Spaces Storage. Sort before storing, and use our guide to make it easy on yourself. Come in to talk with us about our self storage options in Blandon, PA. We are here to help you find the small storage options as well as top of the line packing supplies.