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Blandon PA seasonal storage
January 15, 2018

Top 3 Tips for Storing Sports Equipment

When summer comes around are you always outside? How do store your belongings when the snow storms arrive? Seasonal storage from Small Spaces Storage helps keep the garage open for the snow blower and shovels at the ready. When the snow is gone and it starts to warm up switch your items. That is how simple Small Spaces Storage makes seasonal storage.

Blandon PA seasonal storage

Stay organized

Make it easy on yourself, when you replace something at the storage unit make sure it is with other similar items. Have a system for your extra space and group things together so you can find them in a jiffy. Remember to label bins, even if you can see through them. After a long time in storage you may forget what belongings are in which bin.

Protect the valuables

Have you worked hard to find the rarest of the rare trading cards or the famous jersey? We know you want to give it the most protection and a storage unit offers just that. With temperature controlled units your belongings are not left to deal with the changing weather. From heat in the bitter winter to cool refreshing air conditioning in the summer, everything stays at a consistent degree.

Ideas for storing odd items

Is your garage floor covered in miscellaneous sports balls? Gather them up and store them in a laundry bag. The stretchable see through bags are the best so what is inside is always visible. We have many more creative solutions to storing your sports gear on past blogs.

Cozy up to the fireplace in the winter or enjoy the great outdoors, either way your belongings are safe with our seasonal storage. Stop by our self storage location to start renting your next unit. We will show you small units and large to help you determine which would benefit your gear more.