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Blandon PA storage packing tips
March 8, 2018

Packing for storage before you arrive

Moving your belongings to storage? Spring is a popular time to sell the house, downsize, or simply organize, and Small Spaces Storage has the right steps to prepare. Our storage packing tips will be the plan you need to be efficient at the storage facility. Remembering what to pack or how to pack breakables does not have to worry you, because we have solutions for packing like a pro. If you have a question about the best way to store your antiques or how to make your move fast, let us show you the possibilities.

Once the winter storms are done for the year, start to dream about summer plans. If your plans involve a need for space, a storage unit in Blandon PA is the way to go.

Blandon PA storage packing tips

  • Having the right size boxes for the job will be a good start. Purchase a few small boxes and a few large; try to keep the sizes to a minimum or else they will get hard to stack.
  • Your formal wear is better hung then folded in a box. We have wardrobe boxes just for this occasion.
  • Prepare the unit with a heavy duty tarp or line the floor with 2x4s to keep moisture away from the bottom of cardboard boxes.
  • Divide your gear between what is most useful and what can stay towards the back. If you need it less during this season move it to the back of your unit.
  • A pathway is important so you can access all your gear at a moments notice.
  • If things are in the wrong spots around the house, remember to pack them with the correct box instead of mixing items.
  • Labeling is very important since you may not remember exactly what is in each corner of your unit.

Helping you create space is what we do best. These storage packing tips will make packing before moving to storage stress free.